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PEBKT-21-000-21-00 4 & 1 Hole Bracket Assembly (Steel/Zinc)


Material: 12" Long X 1/2" Schedule 40 Zinc Plated Pipe with 3"X3"X3/16" Zinc Plated C.R.S. Plate

Allows for 12" Vertical or Horizontal Adjustment (Depending on Mounting Orientation)

Plate has 4 Mounting Holes (9/32" Dia.) on 2" Centers for Photo Control Attachment (Requires Angle or Swivel Type Adapter Bracket from Photo Control Manufacturer)

Plate Mounting Holes Allow for a Total of 4 Photo Control Mounting Orientations

Supplied with Zinc Plated 12" Long X 1/2" Schedule 40 Pipe and 2 hole (9/32" Diameter) Standoff Mounting Plate, Heavy Duty 1/2" Pipe Cross Clamp and all Necessary Hardware for Mounting to Equipment


(Note: This bracket assembly may be used with many popular photo controls that use the Universal 2" on center mounting pattern.)

PEBKT-21-000-00-00  4 Hole Bracket Assembly (Steel/Zinc)


Adjustable Photo Control Bracket with 18" 2 Hole Flag Style Bracket

**Both Safety Orange and Safety Yellow come with complete assembly kits.


Photo Control Bracket 3 hole Assembly (Reflector Not Included)

CAP:  Vinyl caps for the photo eye bracket pipe ends

Photo Eye Control Brackets

PEBKT-00-000-21-00 1 Hole Bracket Assembly (Steel/Zinc)

Safety Orange **

Safety Yellow **

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